Cutting a Record in Wales

Gig snaps at The White Hart Swansey courtesy of Candi Fridge Farquhar (music connoisseur & overall Bruce)

December found me in The Mumbles, Swansea cutting a new record! I had a wonderful time there with the masterful Joe Gibb, who in the past has recorded albums for Catatonia (International Velvet) & Leftfield (Leftism). Recording was punctuated with blustery coastal walks, soothing yoga & a cullinary cacophony including lava bread, cockles & a conga eel!


AND! Check this out..

I arrived in Sydney New Year’s Day & soaking up some family times here. More adventures to follow..


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3 Responses to Cutting a Record in Wales

  1. Dean says:

    Hi Eliza hope you are well. Look forward to hearing the new tunes hope they are out soon.
    Have a great time back home in Oz.
    Please let me know when you are back here and doing gigs would love to see you again

    All the best

    Dean x

    • Eliza Jaye says:

      Hi Dean, great to hear from you. I will be back in the UK in April. Looking forward to gigging my new record. See you soon.

      Eliza x

      • Dean says:

        That’s great to hear I will look forward to that very much.
        Can you send some warm weather over here its freezing!
        See you soon take care

        Dean x

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