Recording Harp and Drums in Beautiful West Wales

Back in the land of song wrapping up final bits for the new record. Three tracks from the album are already placed with BMG Publishing and things are sounding great! I am looking forward to getting everything in the bag & moving on to mix.

I booked a beautiful recording studio in West Wales called Mwnci. It sits in a secluded woodland area on a river and comes with wood cabin, log fire accommodation. Time to lush it up yo! We started with drums courtesy of the very talented Yotin. I have A new track which employs full size pedal harp and vocal. As it is so sparse and exposed both parts needed to be recorded beautifully (thank you Joe and Jethro) and the right performance captured. Luckily Wales is also the land of harp! I found Elin online and we hit it off immediately.

Thanks guys Its been a blast!!

Photo 23-11-2016, 18 58 10.jpg

Photo 23-11-2016, 14 22 35.jpg

Photo 24-11-2016, 11 00 29.jpg

Self portrait by Yoyo


Joe and Steve the studio pushkins.


Chao for now Eliza x

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