European Busking Adventure

It is the last day of my busking tour of Germany, Austria, Poland and The Netherlands. I am in my van making coconut and coliflour curry and reflecting on what has been a epic adventure. Ive met so many people, seen old friends and made new ones and made plenty of cash along the way. In fact I have succeeded in funding the entire trip from the proceeds of busking. What a pleasure it has been! Here are the highlights:

Heidelberg Germany 🇩🇪 

This photo is taken on the foot bridge over the river in the old city. Your technically not supposed to play there but who’s looking?! Look up to the right and you will see Heidleburgh castle.

Bella my travelling companion and I found a forrest park up at the top of the mountain.

And drank beer..

And then hit the streets again the next day.

I had a small problem with my violin so found a local violin maker. He advised me that my violin was absolutely fine but I had an issue with my technique.. haha!

Vienna Austria 🇦🇹 

I found an easy park up by the Danube river. It was only a short train ride from the centre of the city where I played mostly in Stadtpark.

The ambiance of the park complemented the classical violin and I was pleased to find that the public were very appreciative. Vienna is the seat of classical music but it is geared to tourist prices. I provided the experience without the price tag!

Here is the monument to Strauss in Stadtpark which I frequented.

I did manage to find one affordable chamber concert in the beautiful old St Anna’s Church.

Krakow Poland 🇵🇱 

Krakow is a city steeped in history and beauty. The Jewish Quarter is one of my favourite places that I visited on my travels. It was a hot sunny day and I took an hour out of my sightseeing agenda to entertain the locals at The Florian Gate.

I travelled to Poland specifically to visit my dear friend Suwindi. We used to perform in a comedy gospel choir together in Sydney many years ago! She now lives on a homatherapy eco village in the Tatra Mountains close to Krakow. I had the pleasure of spending a week living in their community. What a special place and community it is! You can see what its all about here:

Amsterdam Netherlands 🇳🇱 

Risksmuseum has a reputation for having the best acoustics in Amsterdam! They are indeed pretty special. I took a break from the classical set and had a jam with Rafa playing ‘Seven Nations Army’ White Stripes.

And of course I had to catch some time to see the famous Dutch Oils.

Haarlem, half an hour west from Amsterdam, is a great spot for busking. It is a bit more quiet than its neighbour but has a lively centre square where there are restaurants, cafes and shops frequented by the locals and tourists. I met Zeb and we teamed up for some audio and visual entertainment of contact ball and juggling set to violin.

And a final snap of me in my van. Do I look happy?!

Catch you soon 😀




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2 Responses to European Busking Adventure

  1. Love the story! 😀 Cool Van set-up you got there! Looks like some really nice places to go busking, I’ll have to go check them out next year when I’ve got my van set-up! Hopefully see you somewhere across Europe! 😀

    All the best, keep the stories coming!

    • Eliza Jaye says:

      Hi James, thanks for your comments. We had an amazing time, I highly recommend it. Get in touch if u need any further info for future travels. I’ve now imported my van to Sydney Australia.. so many adventures to be had :)!! Enjoy

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