A Complicated Xmas

Hello dear friends,

I am receiving lots of correspondence from you guys asking about how I’m doing so I thought I’d give you a pre Xmas update. Its wonderful to feel so loved ♥️ thanks for all the best wishes, prayers, support and contributions to my fundraiser.


Sometimes the amount of correspondence can be overwhelming as I rest and recover from my op & multiple procedures & manage my current treatment plan. My sister Anna has stepped in to be my PA recently & field questions. Please understand if I can’t reply personally. I am practicing surrendering my anxiety and trusting that everything is as it should be. I hope you guys feel you can do the same.

In my last blog post in September i explained about the liver operation and about how my bile duct had been damaged during surgery. Unfortunately, after five repeat procedures to fix the damage the specialists are still scratching their heads as to how. Apparently the damage is extensive & so plugging up the leaks is complicated. As I write this I am nil by mouth, in a hospital bed. I’ve been in hospital for a month. In fact I’ve been in and out of hospital since the liver op three months ago.

Despite this I feel confident with my team of physicians & the hospital facilities. The op was always going to be tricky due to the location of one of the tumours & I feel grateful that my surgeon agreed to do it.

The problem with my situation is that, in order to keep the cancer from growing & spreading, I should be on chemo. Unfortunately this has not been ideal because of the risk of infection associated with having an external drain for the bile leak from the liver complications. During these three months of repeat procedures and waiting the cancer has progressed & there are two new tumours in my liver. My rectal tumour has also grown & is causing neuropathic pain down the back of my legs. I can only walk for a couple of minutes before needing to sit down because of the nerve pain. I am actually looking forward to getting back on chemo as last time it shrunk the tumour & sorted out the nerve pain very quickly.

Great News! Finally!!

My doctor dropped by a couple of days ago & my wish has been granted! Chemo starts today. The bile leak has not been resolved but the specialists have reached a compromise whereby I can have a more gentle chemo whilst being monitored in hospital. I have fasted for the last two days, and will continue fasting for the duration of the chemo. Looks like Xmas is going to be spent fasting and in hospital this year.


Regardless, I am still in good spirits, surrounded by loving family and friends & I am looking forward to better times ahead.

I am excited to say that I have been offered a position to study a bachelor of music/composition next year at The Sydney Conservatorium of Music. The degree focuses on avant-garde classical music which I feel will expand my music practice wonderfully!

Here’s a selection of recent snaps:

Merry Xmas everybody! I wish you much joy, warmth & merriment. I’ll update you again soon.

Eliza xx

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3 Responses to A Complicated Xmas

  1. Gayle Roberts says:

    Eliza…..Thinking of you all the time and send positive vibes your way (Gayle and Graeme, friends of Judirh ans Michael) xxxx Love xxx

  2. xen says:

    Heyhey beautiful Spirit tis grand to hear news of you, the ups and the downs and so much courage. So much Love for you in this wyrld I see. Congratulations on getting in to the Conservatorium, brilliant news!
    Christmas Eve in Brighton is bright and sunny so am sending you warmth and wonder and pray that healing comes swift and complete that you may continue to shine and touch our lives with your beauty and inspiration. much much love and radiant health and happiness be yours now and all ways xxxxx xen xxxx

  3. Gloria says:

    Happy Xmas beautiful girl.
    One Love from Spain💚🍫🤗
    Take care and get well soon.
    Gloria Y Ramon

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