Feeling Better

Hello & welcome back 🙂

This is the lookout where I go running near to my parents house in Sydney. I’ve been coming here all my life. My infant school is only 10 minutes walk from here through the bush. Isn’t it lush.. ❤ ❤iSF603-g.jpeg

I hope you are all well and enjoying our beautiful and complicated world. I have been feeling much better over the last couple of months. It has taken me a few chemo cycles to get on top of things but, as you can see, I’m back on track!

I have continued fasting with my chemo & am feeling some good results. The nerve pain from the rectal tumour has almost completely subsided and I am no longer on pain killers and, on my week off chemo, I am bushwalking and running in the National Park. I have started back on my yoga and resistance training and continue with daily meditation. I went to a meditation retreat in the Blue Mountains last weekend. Here are some snaps:






Unfortunately, as I explained in my last post, I have 4 new tumours in my liver which are inoperable. My surgeon explained that because of my strange liver anatomy due to the surgery there’s no way he can know where the bile ducts are and so would not feel confident in being able to avoid them during surgery. My best option at the moment is to remain on chemo and continue to support my health with good food, relaxation, rest and exercise and of course love & hugs ❤

Buying veggies at the local organic market:


In hospital getting hooked up to chemo today:


I am currently making plans to release my new record. Keep your eyes out for the next post with more exciting details!

Massive love Eliza xx

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5 Responses to Feeling Better

  1. Gillian says:

    So wonderful to see you looking so well Elizabeth. Stay positive and know we are sending big hugs and be healthy thoughts. Lots of love Gill and Imre xx

  2. xen says:

    you haven’t lost your twinkle, sending massive love and hope those tumours just say fukkit and melt away xxx

  3. pam Nasir says:

    You are looking great. My love & thoughts are with you all the way & every time I dance…which is often….I dance wellness for you too ❤

  4. Acker says:

    Good luck honey and all the best. Keep fighting. Pleased to hear your recording.
    Hugs and more hugs
    X Acker

  5. Tony Ander says:

    Great to hear you are doing better Elizabeth, I enjoyed the time Judith and Michael spent with me after the wedding, going out and doing things, I hope that they can blast those baddies out of your system. Thinking of you lots, your positive approach after all you’ve been through is an inspiration to us all, keep smiling love from Tony. xx

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