Gonna Keep a-Swingin’, Baby, I’m a Real Wild Child

Woohoo, these last two months have been great!

I’ve managed to fit in some amazing experiences considering my current chemo schedule of one week on & one week off.

My week on chemo looks something like this:

Two days of fasting, which means only drinking water, whereby I slowly descend into my cave with growing fatigue. On the 3rd day of fasting I drag myself up to the hospital. The nurses access the port on my chest to administer pre-meds including anti-nausea medication and steroids. My mouth feels dry and I start to feel sick then the chemo is hung and slowly dripped into my body for around three hours. I stretch out on my reclining chair, cover myself with my blanket and cover my face with my floppy hat. I doze and avoid communication as the steroids make me feel really weird. I then have a pump attached to my port which will administer more chemo into my body at home. My dad picks me up and takes me home where I go straight to bed and lie there In a vegetative state, like slowly waving sea grass, until the pump starts beeping 24 hours later. This is my signal to start drinking juice. My mum juices fruit for me and, with the sugar waking up my cells and system, I quickly ascend out of my vegetative state, ready to face the world and rejoin the human race. I quickly feel stronger I am taken back to the hospital whereby the pump is removed and I am free! It takes another two to three days of juicing, eating fruit and salad before I can eat normally and then, over the next week, I get stronger and I am able to enjoy my life. My week off chemo allows me to do all the things I enjoy, as well as my chores, only to descend into my chemo cave again the following week. It surely is a gruelling schedule..

This is where I got the inspiration for my combined fasting and chemo method from: https://news.usc.edu/63669/fasting-triggers-stem-cell-regeneration-of-damaged-old-immune-system/

This month on my week off I flew to Melbourne where I met up with dear old friends and saw the one and only Iggy Pop! He has been an icon for me since I was a teen and the concert hall reverberated with explosive excitement as he cavorted around the stage like a 20 year old. What a legend! Here are some snaps and footage from the weekend.

This month has also seen me getting together with a wonderful photographer https://www.jasondeplater.com/ in order to take photos for my new album campaign. We had a great time making use of locations in and around my parents house in the south of Sydney. The new album is a very personal work with much of the inspiration stemming from experiences in childhood, so we thought the locations should reflect that – and, of course, I have had immense inspiration from living in my van.

I continue to amplify my healing using meditation and enjoyed another weekend retreat with the Brahma Kumari in The Blue Mountains north of Sydney. I can’t express my gratitude at the opportunity to unwind in such a beautiful location and spend time with wise and generous people.

I was recently asked to give a talk at a fasting seminar by Greg and Dawn Fitzgerald at http://www.healthforlife.com.au Greg asked me to explain to his audience about my experiences in combining chemo and fasting. The audience of around 100 people cheered as I announced that my most recent CT results showed no sign of the rectal tumour. It seems to have vanished!! Woo hoo!! I GOT THE POWER!!

And of course no blog post would be accomplished without a trip to the hospital.. I’ve had a further infection in my liver from the operation so here I am making use of my time by writing to you all.

love and warmth from the bottom of my ♥️. Chat soon.

Eliza xx

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5 Responses to Gonna Keep a-Swingin’, Baby, I’m a Real Wild Child

  1. xen says:

    wow Eliza, your strength and beauty astonish me. So gladdened by your words, my heart is with you all the way xxx

  2. Simon West says:

    I visit Facebook once in a while and I see your post for the first time, its probably a decade since we last saw each other, so shocked by this news, but the strength in your writing is quite something, I wish you well with all my heart x

  3. Artur says:

    I’m sending you a lot warm thoughts from Poland. You have to be healthy and strong. Some people need you a lot .. I will pray for you.

  4. Keren says:

    You’re such an incredible human lizzy Wizzy. So strong intelligent and talented …an awesome inspiration to us all….🥰 Wishing you so much love and strength xxx

  5. Oliver Austin says:

    Yeah! You rock! xxx

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