Guerilla Mechanics

My front wheel spring has snapped leaving the wheel arches only 2 inches off the tires. I’m glad we caught it & I wont be doing 60mph along the motorway when it finally goes! My mate, mechanic & fellow traveller has offered to do the job THANKS BOB! In the mean time I am stranded & forced to spend time with my new midi foot controller.. Oh, the joy of midi possibilities! The world is my oyster! Check the joyous expression.. 😉P1000050P1000051P1000056A couple of days later – Job done! Phew!

On the road again on my way to Southampton to play one of my favourite south coast music venues The Art House. Chichester Castle appears on the horizon.. blink & you’ll miss it..

Catch you again soon..


Eliza x


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Where There’s a Will.. 

Loving my full body wetsuit whilst bathing in the English channel. Its spring time but the water is still only 10 degrees..


P1000397 PSP1000403 PS











Get the kettle on to warm up & then get stuck into some van recording..

Like The Artist formerly known as Prince said ‘Sometimes it Snows in April’. Indeed it does! This was filmed on Brighton sea front only days after his passing..

Have a great day!



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Sydney Bass Lines

New dimensions for the new record arrive with Abel Cross’s double bass parts recorded at Free Energy Studios in Sydney. Many thanks to Richie B!


Also! Please join me for an intimate gig supporting the wonderful King Curly at The Gasoline Pony in Marrickville 20th Feb on stage 7pm.

Thanks for visiting!  Cheers



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Cutting a Record in Wales

Gig snaps at The White Hart Swansey courtesy of Candi Fridge Farquhar (music connoisseur & overall Bruce)

December found me in The Mumbles, Swansea cutting a new record! I had a wonderful time there with the masterful Joe Gibb, who in the past has recorded albums for Catatonia (International Velvet) & Leftfield (Leftism). Recording was punctuated with blustery coastal walks, soothing yoga & a cullinary cacophony including lava bread, cockles & a conga eel!


AND! Check this out..

I arrived in Sydney New Year’s Day & soaking up some family times here. More adventures to follow..


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Sunday Mornin’ Brings The Dawn In


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Washing By The Fire & Rambling In The Dark

P1000038P1000013I sit & try to figure out my new digital camera app whilst doing washing a friends house..

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Cricket Cocktails and Sea Coal 

Here is my little friend Eli telling me about his new favourite cocktail.. Bugs! He turns four this week so I’ve bought him an adventure book about an Emu. 

It’s getting chilly these last few days. I’m stocking up on firewood & fixing my chimney before the rain comes. I have plenty of sea coal under my sofa which burns beautifully along with the wood. Apparently you can only find sea coal in the south of England. It washes down from the Forth & Firth Rivers in Scotland which have seams of coal in the river bed. 


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