Sunday Mornin’ Brings The Dawn In


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Washing By The Fire & Rambling In The Dark

P1000038P1000013I sit & try to figure out my new digital camera app whilst doing washing a friends house..

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Cricket Cocktails and Sea Coal 

Here is my little friend Eli telling me about his new favourite cocktail.. Bugs! He turns four this week so I’ve bought him an adventure book about an Emu. 

It’s getting chilly these last few days. I’m stocking up on firewood & fixing my chimney before the rain comes. I have plenty of sea coal under my sofa which burns beautifully along with the wood. Apparently you can only find sea coal in the south of England. It washes down from the Forth & Firth Rivers in Scotland which have seams of coal in the river bed. 


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Apple Day, Autumnal Cows And A Leaky Skylight

I often run through these woods breathing in the fresh air, enjoying the change of seasons and deciduous autumn colors! Image taken by Gavin Waters many thanks to Stanmer Community.

Autumnal Cows

Autumnal Cows

This year some friends and I attended Apple Day in Brighton. We sampled the honey & the home made pickles. We watched the morris dancing & listened to celtic folk music & then rolled back home with a belly full of sunshine and cider :p“>http://

There’s nothing worse than a leaky skylight! It seems a womans work is never done..

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August in Images + Apple Blackberry Borscht Recipe..

It is blackberry season! Try my wild apple, blackberry borscht soup recipe: With ingredients foraged from the English countryside.. 

I was inspired to read this!   
August saw people campaigning for peace in Hiroshima. I went there when I was 10 for a violin summer school. 

 We play princesses & super heroes before dinner 😋

Brighton by the sea. 


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My Grandmother Told Me..

Take The Time

Take the time to think

It is your source of power

Take the time to play

It is the secret of perpetual youth

Take the time to love and be loved 

It is the road to happiness

Take the time to laugh

It is the music of your heart


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My Little Slice Of Heaven

The Owls are calling to each other. I hear them in the trees at night. Birds, bees & the smell of buddleja are my companions today.. I’ve heard that there are people growing organic vegetables nearby.. Maybe I can work the land & grow my dinner. I think I’ll play my violin now..   

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